We take you through progressive courses in latin dancing including salsa, bachata, and cha cha cha

Believe that you can dance! She can teach anyone! She's very fun but knows when to stay on a set of steps and makes sure you're learning.

- Luft Wagen

Hi, I’m Miriam Watkins

Miriam is originally from Memphis, Tennessee. She started dancing at 3 years old. She is skilled in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, and latin dance.  In addition to being fun, creative, and a great way to meet people; dance can be therapy. Miriam travels all over the world to train and believes in continual training as a social dancer and as an instructor. Dancing and teaching require 2 different competencies.She is a teacher who is a social dancer and performer. Her gift is definitely teaching. Since she has always either played an instrument or danced, her specialty is teaching students how to connect to the music while dancing. Join her and develop your own style while having fun in the process